Confessions Testo

Testo Confessions

You see me playing with my headphones,
Didn't see you coming in,
Now you've got me iwth my back turned,
I don't even know where to begin,
(I don't even know where to begin)
So much to tell you,
I haven't had the time to work it out,
So I'll take the opertunity to lay it all down. (lay it all down)

(You should know) You should know
(What I know) What I know
(Just can't hold) Just can't hold
(Back no more) Back no more
So I'll whisper words,
I say because,
I know you'll never hear it.
And I pave the way
Every day
Never getting near it
'Cause I'm just reminising,
Don't listen to my confession
(To my confessions, yeah)

When I listen to my headphones,
And the rhythms on my mind,
I send the music through the air, yeah,
And the meaning's intertwined.
Lost in the music,
It's the only thing I wanna do,
So I'll take this opporunity,
Tell you the truth, yeah.


Take your head phones off,
Listen to my heart,
You don't get this,
I'm talking to you,

Take your headphones off,
Let's go from the start,
All I'm feeling,
I'm confessing to you.