Without You Testo

Testo Without You

Oooh yeah

It's been the best year of my life
I want to hold this moment tight
And never let it go
And never let it go
Can someone help me understand
Why all good thing have to end
Cause I'll never know
No, I'll never know

Cause in my heart
We are so close
It's like I'm losing the one thing
I love the most

Tell me how I'm gonna wake up
Tell me what am I to do
Cause everything I've always wanted
Is everything I'm gonna lose
I don't really wanna wake up
If the dream I had ain't true
Oh can't you tell me
Tell me how I'm gonna wake up without you

Ooh ooh yeah

I never thought I'd find myself
Too much a part of someone else
But now I know
Oh now I know
How to be the best that I can be
To find the strength and self belief
And now I know
I'll never let it go

How can I turn away
Let the sun go down
And lose the thing that's only just been found


I wanna believe in now
Is there anybody listening
I need to hear the sounds
Hear the sound of your voice singing next to mine
I just can't be without you
Tell me that's the way you're feeling too

Oooh yeah
Tell me how I'm gonna wake up

Woah woah woah woah