Bedrock Testo

Testo Bedrock

Yo, what up.
It's Brooke Candy in the mix, I'm here with my little bitch, Closet Boy.
So we made this track for y'all.
Yeah, I hope you like it.
If you don't like it, I really don't give a fuck.
Um.. what else?
Just chillin' right now. You know I'm chillin', kickin' back livin' life you know?
Thirsty girl.

Got the baddest clique and our shit be yankin',
Tryna get with this but I stack them franklins,
Ass so fatty, you could call it bacon,
Make yo' bedrock got that shit straight shakin'.

Rot dick like I'm winnin' this bitch, Kentucky derby,
Fussy, flow, you the rap game Furbie,
Beach Face Queen, be swimmin' in the sea,
Gettin' richer by the minute 'cause it's made of money,
Diamonds on my pinky, diamonds on my brain,
Got a collar pink Benz and a solid gold chain,
I'm insaneeee, I'm insaneeee!

Diamonds on my pinky, diamonds my wrists,
Been a bad girl, I'm a naughty bitch!
Leader of these hoes, ladies of the night,
Madame Candy if the price is right,
Limber shit, yo' son call me Gumby.
Fresh to death, means I'm never lookin' bummy,
Genie in a bottle so rub-dub-a-dub-a-dub me,
Angry Birds ain't gettin' nothing from me!
Britney Spears baby you can hit it one more time,
Bend it over hella quick let you get it from behind,
You know my juice taste sweet, Fine Apple Wine.
You ain't gotta flick a nickle 'cause baby I'm a dime, a dime, a dime, that's ten cents,
Better check yo'self before yo' ass gets bent,
Get on your knees bitch, repent.
Brooke Candy on the mic, rhyme like it's heaven sent.