Cloud Aura Testo

Testo Cloud Aura

[Chorus: Charli XCX]
Baby what hurts the most is when you become so cold
You’re starting to hurt my heart, you left me here in the dark
Now I got to make a change, I don’t want to see your face
I’m starting to hurt so hard, huh, you

[Verse 1: Brooke Candy]
Brooke Candy (2x)
We were on some Bonnie and Clyde shit
Kept the blunts rolled, always let you take the first hit
When the feds caught us I said I would take the rap
Cause I knew it ain’t easy livin’ live in the trap
I was the Queen B and you were like my Jay Z
Only one who held me down when I was fuckin' crazy
Ivonne and Trump, shit we coulda' run the world
You were my Chris Brown, I was your only girl
Let you put your feet up while I was cooking you breakfast
Thought I found my ride or die, but now I just regret shit
Log into your email cause I knew that shit was wrong
Pullin' up a private ṗhoto of a bitch showin' her thong
And I look a lil' closer, it’s my home girl Lisa
Time to terminate shit, hasta la vista
Married to the mob so I put a hit on it
Handed you my heart, then you took a shit on it
Thats fucked up


[Break: Charli XCX]
Now I’mma fuck your shit up, set fire to your pick-up
And drive it super sonic, crash and burn it with my sister
No I don’t need a mister, cancel your baby sitter
I’m never going down that road, it’s easy to resist ya
You broke my heart and I’m never gon’ forget this
You broke my heart and I'm comin' back to get ya
Don’t you know

[Chorus] x2