Go My Own Way Testo

Testo Go My Own Way

Go My Own Way

Refrain:Baby, I´m so sorry
But it´s about time
that I go my own way
Baby, thought I could make you see
when you open up your eyes, I´ll be gone

The first time I saw you
I knew I had make you mine
you were not ready,
so I gave you little time
now it´s been too much hassle and fuss
my patience and understanding
didn't seem to be enough


I´m so sorry

it was when you decided to be untrue
that was the beginning to our end
was it worth this
did you have to sleep with that b.......
everything we shared together
was it all worth this, baby
I tried to give you all the things you said you needed
I gave my best
but you deceited
what the hell should I do
you know I need you, uhuhu


Oh my sweet darling,
here it's come to that time,
I´ll give you a kiss,
so I can ease my mind,
we've been so good for each other,
trying to make you see,
there´s no more hurting me