Turn it up Testo

Testo Turn it up

Turn it Up

Turn it Up
or I'll turn you loose
Everybody feel the heat the whole night throuhg
I said turn it up
Or I'll turn you loose
Said I know you feel the funk and feel the groove
We'll the night is young
And I'm feeling kinda restless
I wanna get out and shake my thing
There's a club around the corner
where I heard they play the burners
gotta hear if that dj's kickin


When I walk into the club and the music ain't bumpin'
I'm gonna ask the DJ(What's the deal?)
Ask him if he really knows that the music's gotta be
Turned up turned up so turn it up


When the space is crowded hot
Then you know you're in the right spot
Everybody feel the heat down deep inside
So DJ turn up the bass cause there's people in this place
And we all wanna party all night long

Refrain (3x)

repeat outro