Whatever You Want (feat. Ono) Testo

Testo Whatever You Want (feat. Ono)

Whatever You Want

(Ono)All it takes is a look in your eyes to tell me
there's more to your needs than clothes designed by italians
spending money on islands
around the way girl
don't look at things through the third eye lense
not that its not all here for you
I take on a 9 to 5 to supply exclusive stuff for you
don't wanna owe you what's yours
you're special
I'd even save the sugar what for you

(Brooke)Right from the start I knew that you are all I ever need,
we spent some time, now we both agree
this thing's for real,
no more time to be wasted, no way, no way,
´Im ready baby
I liked your walk, I dig your voice,
I love the way you stare
haters are mad
no, I just don´t care
Come go with me and nothing else get in our way,
no way, let me show you baby

Refrain:whatever you want, whatever you want my baby,
give you what you want whatever you want,
whenever you need my loving
I give you the sun, the moon , the stars,
whenever you need my loving be right there
whatever you want, whatever you want my baby,
whatever you want

(Brooke)when I hear your voice it´s like a new sansation,
you send a chill right through my bones,
come feal this fire and desire that I have for you babe,
you babe, come and get it baby
come over here, it´s time for me to satisfy your needs,
let´take it slow, I just want to please,
I give you something that will thrill your whole body and soul,
oh no, passion's guarnteed


(Ono) It's like that from surise to sunset
how we get it on is something you never forget
can't you tell my lovin' is more than just a habit
it's because of you
so you know I gotta have it
don't want a love that's rented
I wanna keep it
this is all the man I am
you can take it or leave it
but believe me you can't go wrong when it's on
whatever you want my lucky charm
I'm gonna make it happen

(Brooke)So now you know that I´ll be there for you
come rain or shine, I'll always adore you,
just feel this fire and desire that I have for you, oh boy,
are you ready baby?

Refrain (2x)