Am I A Hoe Testo

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Testo Am I A Hoe

(feat. Boo)

[First Verse: C-Loc]

In the kitchen tryin' to help my girl cookin'
Should be, ashamed for lookin'
You her Baby sister, yet I'm fantasizin' bout the nookie
Like the way you put the cookies on the shelf
I swear you know I love her, but at times can't help myself
It's a struggle, start to fiend for the fuck, when the dick stand up
Is it in a man's nature or am I just fucked up?
Although I like the way you always down and kinky with strings
I can't explain!
Somethin' about new pussy
Do women go through the same shit? (I wonder)
Walk around fiendin' for some new dick? (On the under)
I could believe that, for years the same strokes on the back
If a playa catch ya out, you gone let a brotha tap
Never think with my dick, my dick got its own brain
Day after day, don't a damn thing change
I'm thinkin' bout cuttin' somethin', time'll find, raw hit the door
Now I wanna know, does that make me a hoe, ha?

[Chorus: C-Loc]

Well am I hoe? Am I hoe?
(Hell yeah you a hoe)
I'm a hoe? Bitch you the hoe!
(Hell yeah, you a hoe....muthafucka you a hoe!)
Me a hoe? Fa sho
(You a hoe...bitch you a hoe)
Am a hoe? You a hoe!
(Hell yeah!)


[Second Verse: C-Loc]

Okay tomorrow Baby same place, same time
After I won't forget the condoms, you just bring the wine
Don't usually fuck around with married broads and shit
But it's irrestible the way you suck on the dick
I hope I never get caught up in the mix
See it's hoes like you, that make me don't trust my bitch
Let's make this quick, plead your case to me as if I give a fuck
What that nigga did, girl I'm tryin' to bust a nut
I guess talkin' bout it makes ya feel better bout me beatin' up your fame
And leavin' cum stains
All up in the leather
The case may be
With fuck face, I'm makin' waste of the punany
Now who knows where the nose goes when the door close
When relationships dyin' like a rose
Now she lay on the bed, pussy wet, cum all in her nose
The girl asked me "Do you think I'm a hoe?"


[Third Verse: Boo]

I'm that nigga that you call, when your man fuck up
Caught him with another slut and let the vogues hook up
But I'm the spare, change a flat, in and out of there
Disappear leavin' a cloud of smoke in the air
Like a ghost Baby
Am I a hoe Baby cuz I like different broads?
Are you a hoe cuz you like to fuck different cars?
Am I a hoe because I lose interest quickly?
But you the type of hoe get mad and let my man hit'cha
Boss playa with boss game, it's a shame
That you would give me your body, before your name
And then at every evening, freaknik
Bayou Classic, Daytona Beach
Takin' six dicks apiece
But catch 'em on the streets and nah, they don't do that
Outside your city limits that hoe hum on dick, like B-flats
And I know, I promised to keep you nameless
But Olivia and Lisa, I'd rather make you hoes famous