We Alright Though Testo

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Testo We Alright Though

(feat. Boo)

[First Verse: Boo]

I remember clear as yesterday, way back seventh grade
Caught me tryin' to turn my after-age
Mama beat me, wasn't no yellin' "Put the belt away"
With nothin' else to say
Boy you punish the rest, but the weak
Even back then, it was hard to stay away, from the streets
Me, Trump, and Button, playin' B-Ball
When the street lights come on, I gots to see y'all
Now when I see y'all, all I see is vivid memories
On how it used to be, 'fore you died or turned dope fiend
Stuck all alone in this cold World
Mom expectation was somethin' greater
Now picture me disappointin', my old Girl
I'm tryin' to smile just to keep from cryin'
But as a child I knew our hopes and dreams was dyin'
One day at a time, it's like the blind leadin' the blind
Even the preachers lyin', so I blaze a dime to ease my mind
Can we shake the trials and tribulations? Even when the money's slow?
Want you to know, that it's gone be alright though, fa sho

[Chorus: uncredited singer]

No more rainy days for me
I put that on my life
Who knows the troubles that I've seen?
And Night

[Second Verse: C-Loc]

Now Mama's baby, Papa's maybe, ain't that shady?
Shit get crazy blowin' a dub sack, askin' where the love at
Now how you luv that?
Attended third grade as a baby dope fiend
At eighteen I'm flippin' birds baby, Big Daddy stay clean
Nothin' comes to a dreamer but a dream, get paid nigga
Lord knows all the troubles I've seen, day to day nigga
Savage style meanwhile heaven-sent
With malicious intent
Thugs knowin' they sell they souls to pay rent
But we alright though, even though we ain't got no lights though
Incognito, with steel toys in hand, at the side-shows
You feelin' me? Unwillingly?
Drug to central booking, wouldn't set me free
By killin' me
But now I'm back for lookin' deeds
Frequent flashes of alley dashes
To Miss Barbara Ann house
While me and my clique of thug niggas when the tags hop out
Born ass out, livin' life without a clue
In route, to an early grave with misconceptions of stayin' true
Ya heard me?

[Chorus x2]

[Third Verse: C-Loc]

Hey Mama, it's your baby boy, no need to feel shame
Just want you to know I love you, never meant to cause pain
See that's one thing I love about you, you always maintain
Even though life did you a few tears, you just charge it to the game
Don't worry Ma, I ain't lose my life in vain
This for all the misuse, I see you go through, from workin' at food chains
Now correct me if I'm wrong,
Is it a sin to see your family move on to a better place
Cuz you're tired of rainy days?
No! You can't tell me that
I see frustration in your face, like you been to Hell and back
Comin' home from work late, the .38
The dirty way's the only way to bounce back
We gone get what we deserve and for them fools it's payback
All I ever had was good intentions
Oh did I mention? I left a lil' present behind the cabinet in the kitchen
Tell my lil' brother I love him
Stay strong and wipe your face
You know everything alright though, I'm in a better place, ya heard me?

[Chorus x2]