Keep It Real Testo

Testo Keep It Real

[C-Murder talking]
XL, this one hear I call keep it real baby, I mean keep it real
I'ma cut boy (TRU records) what you want me or my money huh?
(Deadly Soundz) let me know somethin' now ya heard what you want
( keep it real) my money

[Chorus - Ms. Peaches]
No I don't want your money
Your such a crazy thang
You know you keep it so real
Ooh baby please don't change

Now I'm a cut boy, you know what that means I'll never change(brah)
We seek a women she gonna have ta play tha game
I play tha game raw, I used ta hustle outside
In tha cut, bundle outside at 2B, thirty five
An if tha flash lights pass on my block I ball block
Ain't no pity in my city when my dawgs be actin' shitty
Bloom bloom pernt blank, we hitcha wit tha head shot
Hero, he's not cause he just got a fed spot
Homicide on my trail(on my trail)cause I'm sleepin' by my antee
Them niggas wanna thank me
I live tha life of thug, wit thug love
Lets keep it real
You want my money or you want to chill

[Chorus] - 2X

Now when I say No limit, yall say soulja
No Limit - Soulja
No Limit - Soulja
Now when I say TRU, yall say soulja
TRU - Soulja
TRU - Soulja
Alright back to tha mission, let me back it up a notch
Drop a heater on a cot & get tha chronic out tha box
'Fore I light dat
Ya hit me, I'ma hittin' ya right back
Ante up click, click now show me where tha ice at
What kind of boys be just slangin' that iron - them cut boys
What kind of boys really don't mind dyin' - we cut boys
What kind of boys takin' over them streets - them cut boys
What kind of boys from that CP3(Callio, ya heard)

[Chorus] - 4X

[Chorus] - 2X