My Life Testo

Testo My Life

My life...

My block my spot, my stop stay hot
My truck stay dropped, my weight stay locked
My city my hoes, my friends my foes
Everybody knows, keep it real or get John Doe'd
My hair stay nappy, stay bush stay twist
My attitude is shitty, my hands stay fist
My house stay searched, my cars stay getting stopped
Haters they hate, they wanna see me in a box
But my bulletproof vests, they protecting my chest
Life ain't nothing but a test, it's a big ol' mess
My money stay getting bigger, even when I'm in jail
My name C lil' daddy, that mean you better chill

[Hook: x2]
My life
My life ain't right, so I'ma fight all night
My life
This be the truest shit I ever said, feel me

My dog my ace, boy wanna take my place
My nigga turned sour, when I went upstate
Use to be my homie, till I caught this case
Now I wanna slap the taste, I can't wait
My stash my connect, my ends my Benz
My God, please forgive me for all my sins
My hood my crew, we do what G's do
Best believe I'ma ride for TRU, that's my crew
Started small time, dope game dope mayn cocaine
This is not a joke mayn, this my flow mayn
This be the truest shit, I ever said
This my life, behind this I might wind up dead

[Hook x2]

My moves stay calculated, my eyes is wide open
I'm scoping while these niggaz hoping, I'm slipping while they scoping
The streets is treacherous, elements is trying to test us
We take pills make it easy, to respect us
Project buildings drug sellers, and bank tellers
I'm getting letters, from all these hunts and golder fellas
My mission is simple, my music shine even when I'm gone
My life my debt, my last breath every day along

My life
My life ain't the same, it shows
My life
They got me knocking on heaven's do's
My life
This be, the truest shit I ever said
My life
A nigga might wind up dead

My life my struggle, my pain
I make moves, the way I make moves
Choose (it's real), street shit
No love, (no love at all)
Huh 2005, stay alive don't die how we ride