Skeletons Testo

Testo Skeletons

Never would I have believed anyone if they told me that they witnessed miracles. Well I have and for one, I can’t believe my eyes! The blind can see and the deaf can hear? A revelation to behold of children’s games woven by the web of petty people

Stubborn. Prideful. So disappointing it is to find that you only have yourselves in mind, all of the fucking time!

And it sickens me right to my very core to even think for a second that we were family before. A happy life with a face façade that I can finally see now that I’m older. Don’t even think for a second that I can’t see your true colors

Meaningless vomit spews from the mouths of the simple minded. Blinded by your own rage and ignorance, it’s easy to point fingers so long as you preserve your ego

Consequences mean nothing when your dignity is on the line. Like ashes in the wind, you flee no matter the time that we had spent together
Threatening someone with anonymous letters won’t get you far. It’s pathetic, we know who you are!

And I almost feel bad for people like you because someday the skeletons in your closet will come pouring out to all that you love. GET FUCKED!

Stay the fuck away, stay the fuck away from my family!