The Recluse Testo

Testo The Recluse

Yet another day and again I don't want to see the light
Comfortability in the shadows keeps me feeling alright
Nyctophilia, oh, what a bittersweet taste
And then it appears emerging from my darkest fears
With a smile from ear to ear

...It says to me
"I am the doubt in your brain
I've followed you along the way and forever with you I'll stay
All the nightmares you've had as a child up until today have been me"

"I am the ghost breathing down your neck
Sending shivers up and down your spine
And while you're here and near
I want to show you something
Something that your heart will find quite dear"

Suddenly! Suddenly I was taken
Taken to my grave to reap the consequences of my actions

The foggy air brisk and cold
A choir of my skeletons sang a sinister sermon
As the moonlight shone on my cadavered body

"This is your fate, your coffin awaits!
I know you're not prepared, but don't seem so scared"
Slipping into darkness I fell 6 feet deep

As the smoke cleared my mind
I found myself back in my room staring at it
While slipping back into the shadows in which it came from