Eleanor Testo

Testo Eleanor

i was wasted on the trigger
in the river i was waiting
i was wanting, never wanting
what i could not yet become
let the sea change let's remember
all the good i did the ending
was no more than spare repentance
this is nothing like my home

on the table i was ready
blood it glistened, gods they listened
running wild after chalice
just to let them take me on
see the whirling of the skylights
beasts surround me all around me
trains pull out from under mantles
just to listen with us all

and with colors captivating
Eleanor stood cold and waiting
she was bathing me in blessings
that confronted as i cried
see the whole of me igniting
clever hands with brushes biting
cross the river to the tower
with remains of every sacrifice inside

oh my precious daemon darlings
come to hold me death unfold me
color move me too the chambers
where i know i feel alive
dance in circles atop grasses
crossing over lo, behold her i
n the places of our reaches
where the beasts upset their lives

but the water ceased to bargain
we are stranded where we've landed
break the circle take us back
to where we feel we need to be
watching careful the completion
of the cosmos where the zygote
sleeping sound now that i've found
my dearest friend outside my door

bound for new life, masons thunder
east is over, west is under
found the hum of drag race runners
comfort flaring in my sheets
now we'll head back up to Monmouth
where the kids are seldom honest
cross the borders, past the train yards
i will enter just to breathe
but the time will come for lovers
we will cradle one another
we will wander past the distance
for our merry mouths to meet