Gigantomachy Testo

Testo Gigantomachy

Found yourself a serpent this time
Flames are spitting sure from his tongue and his eyes
Lusting for the fruits we have tried
Pluck yourself an eyelash and pray that your bones will rise

Speaking in tongues you've got gin in your belly
Yes something was wrong from the start
With eyes wide and dark you have something to tell me
I carry your bones in my heart
Riding on horseback he came
Darkness in his fingertips, eyes just the same
Told me there was no one to blame
I was all the while clenching the omen you gave to me

Rise with the sun and the skies are wide amber
I dreamt of your calling again
You told me to run from temptations of grandeur
That come with the visions of him

Deep in my sleep,
Bones I was holding,
Swallowed by hunger to see you again
Running through fields,
Sweet seas of golden,
There it was you in the house near the grain

Dark like the night,
High like the noontime,
Bitter and begging my dear don't you go
Your eyes were all wild,
Your lips took to woo mine,
You grabbed me and tugged at my soul through your own

I knew it well then we'd go down to the river
You'd cleanse what was left of me under the tide
The sun turned to ash and your body was withered
Your bones I let go and the dream did subside