Cake Happy Testo

Testo Cake Happy

Wherever you go, I won't be too far, call me anytime
Just thought you should know, I got my moms car if you need a ride
And everything's melted, but I'm as fresh as the day I met you
And nothing is helped it, I'm infatuated with everything about you

My mom said you called me on the house phone late at night
I don't wanna talk now, we just got in a fight
And you say that you love me, but only when you got a ride
Remember you told me, you found something deep inside
But you went to the city
And now you're back in town for just a week
And you say that you love me
But only when you got the keys
But you give me butterflies
So I go along for the ride
And maybe I can stay the night
Maybe I can stay the night