Ether Testo

Testo Ether

Oh, I've got a question or two
Oh, I think that I have answers for you
Oh, I wish that I weren’t dancing for two
At a table for one while I'm waiting for you

Hold me back now
It's easier to keep me down
Keep me down
Hold me back now
It’s easier to be around
To be around

Watch as I go towards the ceiling
Hit the fan and I fall
Right back into my hands
And I know
That it isn't fair
No, it isn't fair
No, it isn't fair

And if you think that I care
Well I don't and I know
That you think that I'm silly
And it shows
In everything that you do to me
You do to me
But you've got what I need
And I know
That I don't need to be so alone
But I am freaking out
I’m freaking out
I’m freaking out
I'm freaking out