Sheep Of The U.s. Testo

Testo Sheep Of The U.s.

Go follow the flock your poseurs, 'cos you're just like everyone else
You're the sheep of the U.S. of A.
The youth can't think for themselves!

The most popular bands in America are tellin' you what to do
And if you had a mind that was your own I hope you'd use it too
The media lies to us every day
You're being told what to hear
Hate and greed and adultery
Fight against them if you dare
But nobody will stand up
If you do then you're a jerk
'Cos MTV's the culture
Does fighting even work?

So follow the flock...

Your favorite band is singing trash but you say that you don't care
The media says they're in this year so that's what you want to hear
You think that you're rebelling
You got things figured through
You got to fit the image that Hollywood gave to you!
In a country full of zombies
Who is gonna steer?
When the majority is dependent on TV, drugs, and beer?

So follow the flock...