You Always Get What You Want Testo

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Testo You Always Get What You Want

You live for competition
and macho one-upmanship
Bullying psychological
Battering 'geeks' to get your kicks
Everybody loves you to your face
Though not behind your back
I heard your best friends hate you
They're just formulating their attack
You always get what you want.

Your ego's getting bigger
With every notch on your bed
What's with the constant bragging?
What must be going through your head
Nobody gives a fuck mate
And I'm pretty sure no-one's impressed
What would your little sister say?
This ain't a fucking dicking contest

This time you searched and found someone
Who sat there all alone all night
It's not right
And she will succumb
As you're so ripped and strong
It's fucking wrong
You left her covered in piss
I know for a fact your mother never fucking raised you like this