Fast Lane Testo

Testo Fast Lane

(feat. Chris Webby)

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
Living in the fast lane, eyes on the road
Hands on the wheel, empty bottles on the flo'
I don't even know where I'm 'bout to go
My future's undetermined so I'm taking life slow, well you know
Where will I be in ten years, that's a good question
But right now I'm chilling as a neighborhood legend
I've learned a lot of lessons, every day I'm still growing
As a man in this fucking fast lane that I've chosen
Flowing every second of my life, destined for the mic
Four mixtapes and I'm consecutively nice
Webby spit it tight, on a jet into the night
Moving quicker than the young Wayne Gretzky on the ice (alright)
Successful is all I really wanna be dude
Eating seafood at a crib with a beach view
So turn your speakers up, mic check, EQ
This is just a mothafucking preview

[Hook: Cam Meekins]
Let me take you to the fast lane where I live my life
And I don't really need to do it right
Cause I'm okay, living it across the globe
And I'm a keep doing what I like, and yeah that's right
And I don't really wanna leave this day right here
(I don't really wanna leave this day right here)
And I ain't tryna switch it up, let's make that clear
(But I guess that that's the life I chose)
[Verse 2: Cam Meekins]
Man I be on the road, tryna see which way that I'm a go
Tryna make a couple dollars is the only way I know
I used to rhyme the best, kicking flows with a knapsack
Now I pack the bleachers where I used to get my daps at
Homie I be on some new shit
Tryna play some games with the people that I'm cool with
Just because I rap it's a matter of fact
That I be all over the cake like some muthafuckin' Cool Whip
Face forward tryna use the force, Han Solo
Eyes like a cup cause they red and they Solo
Worry 'bout your promo, I'm a do me
Cause I'm all about the work, pretty soon you will see
I'm a live it, I be giving it a hundred percent
Won't ya let me in, try to get a hint
Didn't mean to offend ya, I ain't tryna be friends
What's your name?
Take you to the next level like the video game


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
Yo, I'm in the fast lane living like it's Mario Kart
Starfox, light speed to the top of the charts
Turning up the treble while I'm bumping the percussion
Cause you know you got a hit when Matty Trump's in the production
I be busting in the fast lane, no one catching Webby
I'm just living like Andretti and my right foot's heavy
Pedal on the flo', lost on the road, but uh

(But I guess that that's the life I chose)

[Verse 4: Cam Meekins]
And I guess it's just a step in the direction
The road that I'm taking
It's all about reflection, mistakes that I'm making
I'm tryna make a change, but I gotta stay myself
I'm a do it on my own cause I don't need nobody else
I knew that I could be the best kid that you will see
Seventeen and I don't even have a real ID
But these fake dudes tryna get a piece of what we got
Me and Chris staying smart so we'll see em at the top