Flames Testo

Testo Flames

Man I ain't quittin' hella puffin on a nice blunt.
Yo girl sittin' I ain't trippin' I don't like one
If she don't got class homie what you bring her for?
I got the nice hooks, what you need a singer for?
Ha ha ha my flows hotter than Singapore
And I got single hoes
They down to mingle yo
They hit us up on twitter
Hit her I ain't with her though
I keep em chillin run the game like a pick and roll
Man I'm stickin and getting lyrical vision
My flow is nuclear vision
I'm stayin higher than pigeons
And u can not invision
It's two we can not miss it
I'm walkin up in the sky
And payin heaven a visit
I gots to be tine man
Higher than peter pan
And I be ditchin class
Fuck the seatin plan
I'm out I can't listen to your rules no more
And I'm boot to stay spittin
I don't lose no more
I just cruise through the rules the cruise is not new
I wear an eleven my shoes is brand new
I'm not starin at heaven cause the sky ain't the limit
That's just wear I be at right new so pay a visit