Trepidation Testo

Testo Trepidation

I heard the phone ring when you said
“Regrets are probably a good thing”
And I didn’t answer
It was a private number
It made me kind of anxious

And I can feel it coming
I can hear someone screaming
Out in the darkness
At least you’re here with me
In the darkness with me

I swear, it’s a trap
And sometimes my arms bend back
But it’s been getting better
The dark days are over

And I’ll eat salt with you
If that’s what you need me to do
And years from now
I’ll think of something profound
I know it's getting you down

And she made me shake
When she got up in my face
And heartbreak left a splinter
But I heard they met on Tinder
So, it really doesn’t matter
‘Cause they really don't matter
I swear, it’s a trap
And sometimes my arms bend back
Now the dark days are over
I think I finally got closure

And I still spend my time
Hiding behind closed eyes
When I’m trying to be honest
I feel like such a fucking tourist
And I still get so anxious

But, I came here alone
And I will leave here on my own
And I will stand in the front row
Yeah, I still come to your shows
And sing along to the words I know

I swear it’s a trap
Sometimes my arms bend back
But it’s better than before
No, you don’t scare me anymore
You don’t scare me anymore