Dawn Breaks The Current Testo

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Testo Dawn Breaks The Current

I'm not carried by a wing
but arrive by my own feet
giants are sleeping
as prefab human beings
watch their lives wane of meaning
I am the becoming being

a flux of constant change
deceives the ones who think they're safe
and I find myself left in the rain
closer to them than I understand
as I try and push them away
I've come to find
we are the same

we're wanting
always wanting
starving, for that sense of newness
not found in many ways
but in waiting on a different day

I was drunk on hope
thought I saw between the cracks in the road
and certainty was something that I could hold
we must restore this

poisoned landscape
you take and take
leaving trails of waste
us, the scavenging race
rearrange the stakes you've placed
building our futures with former weapons of hate