Flora, Fauna: Regression Testo

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Testo Flora, Fauna: Regression

graphing memories
to how it seems these visions should be
spilled from mind to flesh
I found belief dangling in the lion's den of time
hidden behind opinions
and fed to wasted nights
step back into that room
where I realize
all I am
is all I was
just pieced together fragments
of what I've come to be
tied by the places in the past

things still look the same
the same businesses
new signs in freshly polished frames
I've walked away
tried so hard to see what stays

swallowed into depths greater than the sea
I restitch the seams, as the water becomes me
I always seem to let what's distanced
wash away

I fear for the ending
though in meaning there's nothing
but a kid watching a history
absorbed by the tack marks in the walls
I can hear better now
a resonation of my vocal chords
it was my choice to leave this place
walking roads with forgotten names
I pave the path to no return
throwing ceased voices to waste
a trail of faces fading in my wake