No Regrets Testo

Testo No Regrets

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be.
If I had played my cards differently.
I've stood at many crossroads with rocky roads ahead.
In a fucked up world among the living dead.

You may see me as a troublemaking useless hater.
Cause I always hit first and ask the questions later.
I may not be proud of everything I've done.
But I won't say sorry - Sorry to anyone.
When I'm good they never remember.
When I'm bad they never forget.
My past made who I am today.
I'm fucking proud with no regrets.

There have been too many wasted years behind bars.
My story can be read in my tattoos and scars.
But then was then and this is now.
As the curtains fall I'll finally take a bow.

I no longer live my life like I did back in the days.
In my heart I'm still the same, set in the same old ways.
No matter what happens, there's one thing that's true.
I can proudly say that I'll never be like you!