Our Journey Through Forever Testo

Testo Our Journey Through Forever

Become A Prophet Of The Shadows
Become An Oracle Of Thyself

Through Forever

We Have Withstood The Sands Of Endless Time
The Coldest Winds Of Nothing & The Moon That Never Shines
The Darkest Sun That Has Hardly Come To Rise
& The Births Of Tragedy That Enhance Our Sensless Cries
We Will Journey To The Highest Of The Lands
The Deepest Of The Oceans & The Farthest Of The Sands
Throughout The Day, Into The Night Upon The Cold
Outlasting The Flame Which Burns Within The Soul
We Will Travel Far Beyond Eternity
Under The Moon, Under The Stars, Searching For Our Destiny
We Will Run Without A Trace, Without A Breath
Our Journey Through Forever Is Our Journey After Death

We Have Withstood The Winter's Dire Cold
The Summer's Heat & The Autumn's Wind So Bold
Spring Brought Forth The Rain Which Dampened All The Earth
& Now A New Season Will Lift Us Of Life's Curse

We Thee Deceased Are Thee That Shall Not Die
We Thee Deceased Are Thee Who Art Alve

Hear The Last Wish Of The Dying
Hear The First Wish Of The Dead
Become A Prophet Of The Shadows
Becmome An Oracle Of Thyself

We Have Withstood The Searching Scythe Of Death
The Jaws Of Carrion & Winter's Chilling Breath
Immortality Is The Path Which Lies Ahead
The Journey Through Forever Is The Journey Of The Dead