Confession Testo

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Testo Confession

[Hook: Ubiquitous]
I dabble in the flame, finger in the fire
Hand on the stove, leave a lingering desire
Dance with the devil, wrestle with the beast
Blessing for a sinner, confession for a priest

[Verse 1: Ubiquitous]
Step up on the sheets, lesson for the day
Heat up in the moment, come second to the pain
Pecking in the rain, kissing in the dark
Effortless we came, love missing in my heart
Clutching at the walls, tossin in my bed
Picture your physique so often in my head
Feel my heartbeat-beat bumping in my chest
Heavy on my mind, stomach full of stress
Cuddle and caress, keep it on the low
Everything we're speaking on, secret on the phone
Leave it all alone, love will make you sick
Sick of being all alone-lone, take a pick-pick
Fiending for a fix, itching for your touch
Knowing your with him, been wishing it was us
Packing up my bags, gathering my things
Spin around again-gain, scattering my brain

[Hook: Godemis & Ubiquitous (x2)]

[Verse 2: Godemis]
Walking out the pad, breaking up the trees
We can be together if'n it was up to me-me
Waiting on the storm, standing in the rain-rain
Thinking we can never ever fire up a flame
Smoking in the green room thinking with the blues
Drinking with the band aids, linking with the crews-crews
Sleeping on the bus, dreaming on the road
Praying on the weak, praying on your soul
Staying on the phone, saying I'll be home
Hoping you don't stray because you're feeling so alone-alone
Tearing up the pavement, turning up the dial
Keeping covered eyes while speaking with a smile
Fallin through the cracks, try to call 'er back
Flipping out on me as if she don't know how to act
Lying through my teeth, lying in my bed
And she ain't nothing to me, I'm just trying to get a head-head

[Hook: Godemis & Ubiquitous (x2)]

[Verse 3: Ubiquitous]
Sick sitting in the pews, starring at the roof
Heart upon my sleeve-sleeve wearin it for proof
Burying the truth, digging up the past
Threw away my thoughts, stinking up the trash
Conversate with God couldn't think of what to ask
To be in love is hard, being single, just as bad
Maybe even worse, they say that it's a gift
But it came to be a curse, so maybe we should quit-quit
Hiding like a thief, why am I discrete?
You can lie to him, but don't ever lie to me
Fire in my eyes, burn a hole in you
You apologize and I'm sure it's overdue
All hope for us, glimmer in the lights
Thought it will be sweet, but it's cinnamon and spice
Do what you want, did it in my sights
Pay for my mistakes, now I'm living with the price