When Worlds Collide Testo

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Testo When Worlds Collide

Nose full of Katy Perry, rollin', ridin' shotgun
Actin' like I ain't got sense cause I ain't got none
No religious bitches in my circle, I ain't got none
Gotta leave a crater in this game before the clock's done

Now watch where were headed, takin' shots, come and get it
Hip-hop menace, some say we never should have got breaded
Let it fly, movin' through the sky, losin' sight of us
My predecessors acceptin' my destiny's Midas touch

Mouth stuffed with Ecstasy in a state of Nirvana
With a belly full of Molly I'm puffing this marijuana
I am on another one, I am honored your honor, honestly
The way they hate on Godi and Ubi is fuckin' comedy

The combination so uncommon a cause of company
To covet me and cover my cost, cousin, now come at me
My blood's runnin' I'm 100 no matter what it seem
I've done nothin' but crush whatever the fuck was in front of me

Sh-sh-shots pitchers flicking pics yeah we're on some sicker shit
Shooting up with the reverend he's a flipping hypocrite
Bathing in the bath salts, loofa made of entrails
Seems to be I die in every other role like Denzel
U B I, suicide diving why they shoot at me?
You and I, Cru is unified minor scrutiny
Suit and tie, execute a trooper sign of mutiny
Doing time, humans euthanized by the truth in me

Ok, I'm zoned out turnt up wildin' out wavy
Rolling up the purple bumpin' Brenda's Got a Baby
Working for no money isn't funny it is slavery
I'm headed for oblivion can't nobody save me

P-P-Planetary collision inner-vision apocalypse
Demonology, monetary topple metropolis
Inequality military coddle the populous
Mephistopheles headed full throttle for opulence

Corner offices sexy secretaries and emails
Demonic packages are delivered minus the details
Three rails later I pop it without a second look
This roll is for a chick and this carnage is for the record book

Tell my momma I'm sorry my job is so obnoxious
Body full of toxins I probably will never process
Paradigm shifting stiffin' up catch a witch's ride
Wish that I would switch it up different but why simplify

Too fly launchpad crash land I'm a wreck it
Looking for the black box FBI search method
Soul of Saddam I'm the motherfucking bomb, check it
Inspiration of Hitler Bruce Lee's work ethic

Sun Tzu manifested, Dali Lama mindstate
Hijack a G6 tripping trying to fly straight
Spun a lie I wonder why they wonder why I'm irate
Violation summon my emotion I annihilate

Buy the bait get 'em to bite it and I might could buy the weight
Soon as we start eating these suckers are gonna try to hate
I relate hard to see people do better than you
Strangers form, a line outside hours before we open the venue

Let me continue, feel the bad vibe calling, I might could dial it back
Motherfuck a rapper talking 'bout I want my style back
Punks ice grilling me, I smile back, I relax
Hired for my prior stats, why attack? Fire back!

Tire's flat footin' it pure fuckery I am that
People think this shit's a result of me smoking fire crack
Fade to black, freebasing in the back of a ratty shack
Killer city misery's one hell of a habitat

What's been happening? Now they asking me what got into me?
Galvanize the lives of whoever's in my proximity
Lock stock artillery cock and aim at the industry
Paint a picture of pain and pleasure inside a symphony

We got the chemistry on a struggle for constant energy
My aura's looking more like the color of what a killer's be
Killer beat nothing to fornicate with a killer bee
The pen and pads the remedy for whatever is illing me

[Godemis and Ubiquitous]
Philistines lurking in silhouettes get the guillotine
(Stomping out your day-mares then we coming to kill a dream)
Snap awake (activate) all civilians evacuate
(Back-back away) Pack a n9ne (sacrifices we had to make)
Strapped for time (apex predator 'bout to gravitate)
(Back to shine) fall out of place I'mma put 'em back in line
(Back inside of my lane) fraternizing with fame
(I shoot it rapid, fire at your brain) We mastermind the game, ha!