Now And Later Testo

Testo Now And Later

1st verse:
It's like I'm at a candy buffet,
gum drops blue pops strawberries and grapes,
I know you got the flavor,
you all in the mix like a cup of kool- aid,
wit a chocolate kiss you put the sugar on my lips,
I catch a fit I'm not use to this,
can anybody tell me why,
shorty got me feelin high,
you're my now-a-later girl

(Now and later) since you're so good to me,
like a cherry flavor life saver (my life saver),
please don't ever leave now and later girl,
(now and later) my candy girl,
(I get stingy when it comes to you),
(baby I want you all to myself)

2nd verse:
They don't understand,
I condsider you as my forst real love,
official authentic for sho nuff,
from the roughin to love,
(baby ya change me) I feel good about ya,
and for the sugar rush I'd never doubt ya (no),
I need ya dealin wit me not witout me,
so baby keep it close to me,
now-a-later girl

3rd verse:
You don't have to worry,
baby we got forever,
just keep it crunk,
baby its a good thing,
you're right here,
and I am always cool,
with that candy coated love

(chris talking)
Put ya hands up if you in the spot,
just let me see your now-a-later drop hey cuz,
if ya hands down playin around,
now I know you want a now-a-later drop what cuz,
put your hands up if you in the spot,
let me see you do the now-a-later drop hey cuz,
put ya hands down if you wanna play around,
I know you want a now-a-later drop

(chorus out)