Seen The Light Testo

Testo Seen The Light

(feat. Rico Love)

(Fading in the background)
I seen da light
I seen da love
seen all da things i heard bout
seen all da things i read about
I seen da light

(Rico Love)
Yo uhh
diz feel real good right here mann its a good look
shoulda been
its love
young CHRIS

Guch Wuddup

(Rico Love)
From the streets of VA
talk to da whole world mann
better America
talk to em mann

Its been a struggle for me
wonderin why i cant get by
wit my life
but now im free and
i done did some right and wrong but i still see the light N i done been around sets and drugs hustlin but momma aint raise no thug
and it took a little to see
how real it could get N how diz life wasnt meant for me
cuz i

Seen alota bad things on my block but i aint wanna b a victim of a gunshot
i cant let nuttin hold me down

See all the things i heard bout
see all the things i read about
i seen the light

Its kinda hard for me to stay
away from all these girls
and the haters they dont like that im fullfillin my dreams
but im jus tryna do my thing
my nigga can i live my life
I got da world on my shoulders (shoulders)
N im only gettin older (older)
but its like its gettin colder
i gone make it
but i cant take it sometimes

Ive came along way from my block and ive prayed forth for everything i got
i didnt let nuttin break me down

See all the things i heard bout
ooohh yeahh
see all the things i read about
i seen the light

Wow uh mann after all this who woulda thought lil boy from Tappahannock Virgina
you know what im sayin would make it all da way to da top

(Rico Love)
Life is vivid when seen through the eyes of a righteous spirit they try to show us da light but we dont like to hear it
momma told me i was bright but dispite her lyrics a large hurt across my sight i had to fight to clear it
like a runner a couple of summers i often wondered if it really was winning N
thats when i heard da thunder a current was accuring it was stirring up my hunger but i couldnt let the *shit* burry a *nigga* under (dont let it)
used to cry hopin all diz would pass and then i learned to use my tears to water up da grass
so part of my swag but
apparently i won cuz i took my shades off and now im starrin at the sun

See all the things i heard bout
Im seeing da light (im seein da light)
im realizing dat its me in da light
see all the things i read about
i read bout it, i heard about it
i seen the light
and now i kno

I coulda did wrong
i seen alot a people hustle
but i left them things alone
i almost lost my friend to da struggle but i guess dat made me strong (made me strong)
i seen a whole lotta drama and it taught me how to fight
(taught me how to fight)
and i thank god for my momma she showed me what was right
i coulda been in da dark
but thank god for da light
(i seen da light)

See all the things i heard bout
all da things i heard bout
see all the things i read about
i read about it, i read about it
i seen the light
i see the light, i see the light