Real Homiez Testo

Testo Real Homiez

(JnF ChucKie AkeNz)
in dis world u needa think about it about ur eyes/
and really see who da people dat remain on ur side/
cuz even friends stray away wen dey buck it with another/
and the worst enemy is someone that was ur brother/
n i kno ur visions blinded, but let me tell u homie/
i watched u grow up now u act like u dont kno me/
stop acting like a phony, cuz i see rite through ur front/
by the way that u talk, by the things that u've done/
if u were real then u'd see wat was bothering ur bois/
insteada acting like a bitch but shiet dat was ur choice/
but of coarse u choose da bitch but one thing u gotta kno/
real homies always stay but biitchs come and go/
so u had ta go n hide, make up lies, think ur big/
ur biitch mite believe ya but u faker then a wig/
all u do is talk shit, cause a scene with something small/
but ull see dat one day wen u got nothing at all/ i was ur homie

i dont know
now where do we go
real homies always ride till death
but i guess we got nothing left

see uh i kno ur type u think u hotter then hell/
then tell me why'd u snitch wen u was sittin in the cell/
i got charged u got released but i said nothing at all/
yet u were talkin all this shit like its da end of da world/
fuck, u little bitch, u a gangster now?
4 eye mother fucker still a wanksta child/
but yo just do you, cuz dis song aint a diss/
its about the truth homie n whos really the bitch/
n if u wanna go ur way do ur thing then shit thats fine/
i was always real homie till u started with ur lying/
i let u rep da jane n finch 21 let u pose/
wen truth is u neva rolled with my niggas or came close/
n even worse u took a 2nd homie made him turn pussy/
n started chillin wit my ex like ur girl n his were cushy/
so now i brought it to ur face dont talk like u gone do/
rememba i neva changed da one that changed was you/