Gun Show Testo

Testo Gun Show

People said that the oil was cold
And the old Gods were pushing up mold
We strung our instruments
And got ready for the embarrassments
In the middle of a lunatic world
We didn't reach for the champion's pearl
Excavated a private hallway
And chose "sometimes" over "almost always"

We'll try it anyway
Don't care about success and failure
Just want a chance to impale the jailer
Don't long for yesterday
Or hope for a good tomorrow
This very hour is less than borrowed

Gun show
Move slow
Every hour is a year to the crows
Small stage
Ice age
Never listen to the things that people say

We stood at the very last edge
Of everything that had ever been said
Took a look at the people's archive
Nodded politely and chose the swan-dive
There are no heroes in the room
Just ghouls in the rock & roll tomb
Do we look like statues to you for slide projection
And pin-cushion voodoo?