What A Shame Testo

Testo What A Shame

Send in the young and the poor to fight against the shadow hordes
Let our officers be the sons of the lords, veterans of foreign wars
Slogans wipe the memory of the last catastrophe

They keep saying its the way things are.
All they want is just a little bit more.
We went walking but we didn't get far.
We got caught in the revolving door.

Settle, settle your debts give your money to the mission-
All cash given to sustain armaments will be paid in supervision
Words are coming through the arch
Signaling the suckers march.

I was watching when the cast took a bow
When the news broke about the war then they turned all their show
Tunes to the anthems and they sealed off the exit doors
Beat your plough
Shares into swords
Watch the bombs drop watch the rewards: where do they go?
If not the houses of the ones who staged the show?