Slow Dive Testo

Testo Slow Dive

Forget the words I said
Remove them from your head
Erase the time we spent
And everything we did then

Hide me from your eyes
Between your day and night
Neither wrong nor right
In a slow dive
At twilight

You come closer
And closer
You could run me over
And over
But I know you won’t

Let me go
Hold me close

Forget the life we lived
It’s all up in the air now, oh
Abandon all of it
Like you don’t even care now, no

You’re moving in the dark
Your hands are on my neck
Then down across my heart
Can you feel me

Nothing to
Hold no
Hold no
Don’t come any closer
Please don’t

Starve yourself of
My attention
Phase me out of sight
Save yourself from
My intentions
Hide me in your twilight

Cause I’m no good for you
No good for you
No good for you
And I know what I do
You know it too
You know it too
No I’m no good for you
No good for you
Good for you
Don't you feel it too?
You feel it too
I know you do