November Never Ends Testo

Testo November Never Ends

You painted me lines,
before I even knew you had them there.
I had to see this,
I had to see this for myself.

I made the rules,
and this is how it ends,
The smoke has cleared,
and what can you say?
What can you say?

Maybe when I'm done with this song,
You'll be gone, or maybe you'll be into it.
The smoke has cleared,
and this is it,
What can you see, Chicago was just way too far for me.

7 Hours kept me wide awake for a month,
and kept my mind rolling on and on,
Like the train you caught from Chicago,
To Texas, to see me.
You had me going,
showing me things you thought,
Id wanna see.
Do me a favour, and tell me if you're free