Room 211 Testo

Testo Room 211

This is going at breakneck speeds
and I'm sobering up to a cup half empty,
and a pack half full.

I must admit I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you feel
I must admit I don't like the way you lie.
who would go for a liar?
not me, yeah.

So I don't wanna hear,
whatever else you say.
All you need to know,
is that I'm alive.
Lets give up on what we tried so hard to keep.
This is what I want oh common common.

Common common this is what you want,
lets live to make mistakes.
Common common this is what I want
yeah this is what I want,
and this is what I'll get,
coz this is what I wanted oh common

I've got an angel in my ear,
and I've got the devil in the other one.
Trust me I'm not bragging about this