Black Gangster Testo

Testo Black Gangster

Black Gangster [x12]

I met this out of town player who wanted to set up a trap
He said he'd pay me and my boys if we would watch his back
I told my other partner exactly where we kept tha sacks
Then early in tha mornin' told em we got jacked
I learnt to get what was mine before i hit tha scene
Learnt to double-up my money before i turned 18
At ten in tha mornin' if you pay me a visit
You can catch me cookin' up dem chickens just like J.R. Crickens
My partner from New York he gave me a beak
He need 9 on tha 13th at 20 a piece
I copped 15 g's from my personal cut
And he gave me five more and told me thats for wakin' him up

[Black Gangster x8]

[Verse 2:]
I got this worker on tha street sayin' he not gon' pay
He say i'm fly at tha mouth and plus i shorted him weight
I went right to his house on tha same day
Knocked tha windows out his car say playa what chu' say
Ain't nobody takin' form us E.P.V.'s(East Point Veterans)
We'll wake tha whole house up for a set of car keys
One time this old lady looked at me
And say she see tha truth in tha strong young blood like it used to be
I keep my stash and everything on lock
And keep my business to myself and watch my back cuz thats all i got
It's been like that ever since i was young
And if anybody want some betta bring them a gun

[Beat Stops Interlude]
[Cool Breeze talking]
[Cool Beeze:] Ay man hold on man
who is this sucka who keep runnin' his mouth
I know he ain't from around here!
[Other Guy:] Listen to me champ calm down
he's nobody this sucka boy went from sellin' hot dogs last week
to wanting to fight tha champ this week. Forget about him.
[Cool Breeze:] I'mma I'mma who is he? I'm tha champ.
[Other Guy:] I don't know who he is,
but tha playa fishin' wit cha champ he tryin' to
get you to bite. He's nobody forget about em
[Cool Breeze:] Wha, What chu' mean,
If i'm tha champ then anything that come through
here gotta come through me. Who is he!?
[Other Guy:] See there you go, you loosin' it, ya loosin' it
[Cool Breeze:] Who is he!!!? Aw...
[Beat and rapping continues]

We had this kingpin who came in wit 200 pounds
And every player in this town
Was talkin' bout' layin' him down
One of my people hit me late on a Monday night
And said he settin' up his shop where we at, yeah right
If you ever in tha south and you doin' some dirt
First thing first my folks they git work
Everybody in this trap they game is tight
We gotta lock on this block and anything you like
All my customers they say i got tha OHH-WEE
When you hit it one time it make you say OHHHH-WEEEE!!
Man this brother that i hang wit they some (Gangsters)
Some (Gangsters)
Black (Gangsters)

Black Gangsters...