The Field Testo

Testo The Field

(feat. Nivea)

[Hook: Nivea (Cool Breeze)]
(The field)
What we waiting for, let's finish it (The field)
We can't run no more, we innocent (The field)
What we waiting for, we innocent (The field)
We can't run no more, let's finish it (The field)

[Verse 1]
See where I'm from I was taught that
Two wrongs don't make a right but it'll damn sure get your money back
So best believe you got's to watch folks
You hit cho' lights, they have they face off in yo place
Just like a cockroach
Tryin' to hit chu' for yo index
Tear some paper out the back and re-arrange your whole contents
That's why you gotta keep yo history
In a book so when they look it'll never be a mystery
I've seen people come and leave, comeback and leave
Come back and still ain't stack no G's
So everybody won't be pushin' buttons
Just the ones who gave they all when you know they didn't have nothin'
We comin' what chu' gonna do when we run
In a pack against a pit and lay up under the sun


[Verse 2]
See growin' up is like a girlfriend
Ya keep ya cool, take ya time, and when ya day come you put it in
That's a reflection on ya whole life
From the moments you wake up to those minutes that you pray at night
Like when they pushed you at the playground
And all ya friends would wonder
Why you yelled "the field" before you threw down
That's just yo instincts tryin' to tell ya heart
That is ya mother wished the best for you
You'd be tested it from the jump start
So that's when people come around and wonder
What make you tick, how you do it, but you keep ya business on the under
I ask my folks question every season
They say the Lord blessed every child, boy he blessed you with a reason
So with that I go for years and years
On a quest to return and reveal to my peers


[Verse 3]
What if yo life story was in a book
And they left certain words that only you could say
Because they knew you looked
That's like your future bein' planned for you
You know who real and who fake and who ya friends and who gon' be loyal
You keep yo thoughts on a level
That don't nobody know what chu' be doin' next
Cause you change like the weather
You the chosen, the one who reveal
Every battle that we battled and every hill that we build
Your life is their forever burnin' torch
So the messages you carry reach and travel importance
See in the book you was this place that people actually lived
They disappeared in the mists of the hemispheres
But when they return they speak of travelin' on their journey back home
We shall rise once again and let it be known