My Faith In You Testo

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Testo My Faith In You

For free day now I've been running late
Catch in upon life that situate
Pulling on my calling lucky up the door
Sometimes I think that's gotta be a little more

And on picture you
And just smile pulls me through
Than I come to realize
That my whole world is in you arms
No, I can make it on my own
No, without you I can't be strong
Here, I find love place where I feel you all
Should I have my faith in you're all alone

When the sun pleasing to the night
I know that you'll be by my side
We'll do all the things that everybody does but
You will marry to me because


Say many past that lead an only one my track
Wants you walk till there's no looking back
Words between what I want and what I need
You'll get me through I believe!