Unbroken Testo

Testo Unbroken

The pieces of my life were blown in the wind
You caught them in your hands and blew them back again
Now I'm falling to place
Where I see your face

I'm unbroken, you put me back together
You took what you found and turned me around
And made me again
I'm unbroken, I hope that its forever
I don't cry any more, cause you walk through the door
Finally I'm alright

You found me down in a doubt
Staring in a wishing well, oh, yeah yeah
Gave me the strength to call out
from-under need my shell
And now I walk in the sun
cross the world I've become.


You turn the keys set me free from myself
I fall apart each time that we said good bye
But when I'm by your side

I'm unbroken...
I'm unbroken...


Finally I'm alright... [3x]