Click (No Regrets) Testo

Testo Click (No Regrets)

[Hook: x2]
Listen homie, you can't shake it
Life is only what you make it
You don't want to live with regrets

Somebody is reading your life
They might be reading it twice
You never know how many lives you affect [x2]

[Verse 1:]
They say experience is the best teacher
That's what they teach us in school
I say experience is the teacher of fools
Cause a wise man will learn from another mans era's
Then apply that to determine what he shall choose
Every life has a voice you make a statement with every choice
Low valleys, high hills like female shoes
But if life's just an experiment and we learn by experience
Then we are not being spirit led and we shall lose
We don't believe in karma we believe in the seed and farmer
You know when the seed of the farmer can affect the seed of his daughter [?]
In other words you know you reap what you sow
Sow seeds of wrong decisions and that tree shall grow
God intends for his people to know
That by his grace
We learn from the mistakes detailed in the scroll
So if we run into a brick wall
It's only because of our thick skulls
And not because He didn't leave us a note
Let's go


[Verse 2:]
Make ya pick, the blue or the red pill
Tell me which way would you go
Every mans soul leaves a print in the snow
But a wise man'll travel down a rode that is narrow
He is careful so he'll never put his hands on the stove
He already knows that it's hot
It's troublesome when you know that he chose evil
But he rose to the top
Like ya boy on the blue print who did it his way
Before he left said I'm an example that crime do pay
Now how we goin' argue with that?
When we watched him go from gross living to grossing a percentage from the net
Now he's a picture of success
And naturally we take a glance at right
But a chance at wrong
Especially when the whole world can chant our songs
And the folks at the clubs can't dance alone
Just cause judgment ain't sudden don't mean that it ain't coming
So if you plant apple seeds don't plan for a orange


[Verse 3:]
You ain't gotta live a life full of drama, comma, just as a reminder
Look at Pot's life or Lot's wife down in Sodom
And you ain't never gotta hit rock bottom I promise
Gotta take into consideration the generation behind us
And I am not saying I haven't made mistakes
I can feel the effects of some, up until this very day
Like cheating on test I failed to study for
Having premarital sex and doubtedly a couple more
In my late teens I was hot like the oven door
Know my story I wasn't trying to put that on the cutting floor
At 12 years of age I was unscathed in 'til my unsaved friends gave an introduction to porn
By the age of 16 I started, by 19 I stopped found out I had a lovely daughter when I was 24
I don't regret the seed I regret the sin
So when bad decisions come running, homie I shut the door