Star Struck Testo

Testo Star Struck

[feat. The Ambassador]

That's... Why
That's why—we—why
That's why—we—why
That's why—we—why
That's why—we

[Verse 1:]
Big J, big E, big S capital; Big U, big S, big C capital
H-R-I-S-T all capitals
That figures when you're talking about a king that's apropos
Yea I never tried to use rap to catapult myself up to the forefront
Never did it for capital
I ain't even gonna front
Of course I've been grapplingOn who should get shine
Jesus Christ or I?
But I'm just an average Joe
Jesus Christ is God
Rise above the status quo weeding out the crowd
Go put on my hat and coat
It's freezing outside
In this cold (cold) world
Competing for God's child


[Verse 2:]
Big J, big E, big S period
Big U, big S, big C period
H-R-I-S-T man period
I know I'm name dropping but Christ is superior
To all stars no flaws, no faults, no wrongs, no courts
Christ is alive
And if I wasn't a disciple and I wasn't in the Bible
A certain rapper would probably be my idol of course
I would be off course
Big chains, big dreams
Big things
Extremely divided like split screens
Between esteeming the Christ; as king
Am I a portion or pushing Him out to get things
That's why


[Verse 3:]
Big J, Big E, Big S in stereo
Big U, big S, big C in stereo
H-R-I-S-T man in stereo
You lose when you choose that which is inferior
Imperial King on the throne
Either love Him or leave Him alone
But you can't do both, it's either or
The lamb or the lion that roars
Son of Man or the rider on the horse
Much more than a product in a store
Choose ye this day or see the hand that is writing on the wall
No, He's not common at all
All eyes on Him
Hold your jewels, we gotta priceless gem
Who else can pay the price for sin
Nobody, and build a whole body
Like a private gym
Nobody, nobody but Him
He's Superman but godly, embodied in Clark Kent
Yeah, He came to save the day
Why would you trade Him to play
In a crooked world that is fading away?
Candy paint and wood grain decay, ok?
But Christ will never fade, Man, He came to stay
So never mind ballin', He balls greater
No better time to call Him, He's far greater
The planet and the stars, that's His wallpaper
The Father's open book, Man
No false data, let's read