Fantasy Testo

Testo Fantasy

See a lot of people think
That life is about having things,
But we came to talk to ya'll today
About One who's greater than anything you could ever have.

You say this life is all you have.
But you waste it time and time again.
I pray that you could see how beautiful
Is the One that you've been searching for.
Find new life in Christ.

[Verse 1:]
What what what's your fantasy?
Front row in the Grammy seats,
Hotel resorts, tailored shorts, fancy smeets on Miami beach?
Where the climate's warm and your in hot water like a bag of tea,
Or watching the day go by on rodeo drive with bags and receipts?
What what's your fantasy?
Tell me what what do you plan to be.
In five years what are your ideas to the good life? Come on answer me.
Honestly what do you dream about?
Palm trees or the scenic route
Or a calm breeze seated out on the sun porch of your dream house.

(See a lot of people think
That if they just had money,
They'd be alright.
But we came to offer you Jesus.)

[Verse 2:]
Do you like what your life
Don't like what you see?
If only you could be what you see in TV:
Short hair, long legs, full lips, white tee, new whip, new chain, new fresh white tee.
If this is what makes you love you,
Then what is left when these are through?
The truth is awaiting.
What will you believe in?
I wish that you could see
That beauty is fleeting,
And the love that you seek
Is right in front of you.

(Be not deceived
The heavens and the earth will pass away.
Money will pass away.
Cars will pass away.
Houses will pass away.)

(You can say goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye)
Say goodbye to earthly goods
Turn to Jesus
(You can say goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye)
King Solomon says it's all empty at the end of the day.
(You can say goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye)
Jesus says life doesn't exist in the abundance of things
(You don't have to cry Christ. Cry no more.)
Look to the One who's superior.

(Don't waste your life.
Jesus came to give real life.
It's life abundant.)