My President Testo

Testo My President

Jeezy Said My President Is Black
My Lambo's Blue
I Say My President Is Black
My Lord Is A Jew
The King Of Kings
He's Telling Us What To Do
My President Is Black
But Jesus Christ Rules
[Verse 1:]
You Know The King He Reigns Over Politics And It Ain't A Problem
Raises Them Up With Power
Grace In A Place Of Honor
From Senate To States Congress
Nixon And Regeanomics
God Is So In Control
Dictating The Climate
From Clinton, Mccain, Obama
These Are The Days And Times
Since The Savior Was Sovereign
When He Makes Up His Mind
He's Giving Satan The Power
To Pick A Sanction The Foulest
Wicked, Debased And Rotten From Princes To Genghis Khan
Hitler, Hussein And Stalin
Permitted Placement On Pilate
Picks Them And Makes The Final Decision To Take Them Down
That's The Wisdom And Grace Of God If Not Written In Pages I Would Be
Sitting In Insane Asylums But Since The Savior Is God
That Shifts The Weight Of The Drama, Scriptures Contain The Promise
We Don't Sweat A Recession Provisions Made For His Bride
So We Rise And Salute To The King Of Kings
The Presidents' President Give The Savior A Nod


[Verse 2:]
God's People Know The Truth So In The Voting Booth
We Push The Button But We Know God Is Controlling Who
Lands In The Oval Office But Still We Go And Choose
Mad At Who's In The Office We Cannot Throw A Shoe
Instead We Pray For Our Leaders, Timothy Told Us Too
Even Submit To Cruel Leaders Refer To Titus 2
Even If You Think They Ain't Got The Slightest Clue
We Respect The President And The People That Right The Rules
Welcome To Our World Wow
Where Governments God's Tool
His Instrument Ministering And Avenging The Crime Of Goons
Civil Authorities They Make Laws Designed To
Restrain The Evil And Bring Peace To The High Schools
Peace To The City Streets Through Police In Them Costumes
Peace In The Suburbs For Preaching The Gospel Of Jesus
On A Mission Like Tom Cruise To Rule Over Government As The King In His Crown Jewels


Let Me Be Clear About Something Ya'll This Right Here Ain't A Dis Song
This Song Isn't Even About My President's Race
This Song Right Here Is About Government And The Role That It Plays In God's Big Picture
Aye Man One Day Jesus Christ Is Gonna Rule
As The Final Governing Authority But Right Now He's Using Government For His Glory
Ya'll Know What I'm Talking About Right Or Ya'll Can Read For Your Self Though
Romans 13