J.I.F.E Testo

Testo J.I.F.E

I opened up my eyes to the world and I see
they got a lot of guns and they aiming at me
cuz they say I love the Church, don't care about the streets
that's so far from the truth, why they lying on me
I'm where I'm supposed to be, trying to play my role
staying faithful to the gospel seen a lot of growth
been a lot of testimonies all around the globe
and I ain't bragging, that's from rapping about what God has spoke
it used to be a gift, now it's criticized
if my heart's for the Church, why's this a crime?
what ever happened to the days when the minister's pride
was speakin life into the body, I'm a big surprise
better recognize.

Lookin the Church got my eyes on the streets
lookin at the world with their eyes on me
what they talking about, huh?
"Jesus Is For Everybody" (JIFE)
"Jesus Is For Everybody" (JIFE)
Lookin at the poor, got my eyes on the rich
looking at the trap boys and the life of a prince
what they talking about, huh?
"Jesus Is For Everybody" (JIFE)
"Jesus Is For Everybody" (JIFE)

Verse 2:
I open up my eyes to the Church and I see
them automatic weapons and they're aiming at me
They say I'm preachin to the choir, people dying in the streets
you'd be preaching to them too if you've seen them lately
no doubt is in my mind it's making perfect sense
Am I doin something wrong talking to the saints?
I'm just giving them my all, and I'm in my own skin
while I'm building up the body walking in His grace
while I'm talking to the Church I hope they overhear
we want to the whole world to know we over here
I'm talk-ta-talking from the lawyers and the doctors
to the corners with choppers to the homies in the barber chair
my whole career


Just for a moment can I stand in my own defense?
I had a brief talk with Kanye West
dealing with Nick Cannnon only told my friends
the issue with Tech 9, no more complex
now I can tell you're impressed, I'm talking with the stars
what good is that if I don't speak the security guards
something's wrong with maturity, charity's flaw
cause I ain't speaking, man this whole family is lost
I guess the moral of the story is
Jesus Christ came for the notorious, and the saint
grace for the less glorious, and the fame
understand where the glory is, it's in His name

It's in His name (x3)
understand that the glory is in His name, in His name