Real Love Testo

Testo Real Love

I gotta step back, back to see reality
Remember girls that were my destiny
Those feelings that were always inside of me
Always I thought - BAM - there was reality

My heart my insight once had a bright light
Forever I thought but I never know
That that kinda love, onesided and not given back
Would break my heart, yeah and would break my back
So never again I vowed to the earth and sea
To trust to rely on girls to set love free
Feel the thing in my heart the way it's been before
But life was gonna teach me, down in N.Y.C

So my memories full of fear and agony
I experienced the way when love is set free
Revealed by both though never said through words
But this time love failed 'cause distance sealed it

Think about the Real Love!

So I was back, back in the place
Where I started before not willing to love
Show feelings no more, wrong time,
Wrong place they said to myself, what a disgrace

'Cause then it happened, emotions continuity
Took it's toll prepared today's reality
Courage and luck on my side and inside of me
Are-E-A-L-I-T-why, it's been to me

Like a dream I had as a little child
With a thousand colours totally wild
Bleedin' into one embracing themselves
Brighter and more fluorescent than anything else

And now I'm back, back in my reality
Looking at my life, my love and feel the
Essence of thruth, ethereal eternity
I finally found it, God I love reality!


Real Love is found just once in life