War Testo

Testo War

(feat. Doc Holiday (A.K.A. Krazy))

[Krazy A.K.A. Doc Holiday talking]
Mother fuckin niggas talk about motha fuckin war (Bitch ass motha fuckin niggas)
But when they see a nigga they won't give a nigga dap (Pussy ass motha fuckers)
Nigga we bomb you mother fuckers (You know the definition of a soulja and stunna?)
We don't give a fuck nigga (A soulja is real)
Its military ova here nigga!

[Chorus x2]

Niggaz its War!
Do you think you can fuck wit me? I'm a soulja, you a stunna, ya'll history
What you niggas say, talk is cheap? (Talk is cheap, huh motha fuckas?)
Til bodies start droppin all over the street
Niggaz its war!
Do you think you can fuck wit me? (You niggas ever been to funerals?)
I'm a soulja, you a stunna, ya'll history (Ya'll ever seen a nigga cry?)
What you niggas say, talk is cheap? (You ever been to a graveyard?)
Til bodies start droppin all over the street

You niggaz jumpin out your helicopters, my niggaz ridin round' in jets
Layin low, and plottin on you bitches death
Scheme wit me, I'll be here when you come home,
nigga dressed in all black, all you seen was the chrome
My real niggas, ridin dirty nigga, puffin weed
Play the block, late night, ask them cluckers what they need
Thats how we breed, I gun nigga feel it,
got a hundred on ya head, believe I'ma peel it
Kill it, when the scene get focused,
you niggaz can't hide for long, all ya'll jokers
Donkies on my team, niggaz totin choppers
We the ones that make you real niggas call the coppers
Fuck the talk, I won't stop until you bitches buried
And make of some of your kids reach up wit they ?
Puttin pipe bombs in yo cars, you a stunna not a soulja and nigga its war

[Chorus x2]

Nigga claimin he a game spitter, I fucked his bitch
If he fell now, he'd probly dump that ho in a ditch (stupid bitch)
Them hoes rich off your trick ass givin em figures
I heard you treat them hoes better than you treat your niggas
What happened to that $30 mil? Ya'll lyin, ya'll know it (you know it)
If you bought a house in Eastover, why you don't show it?
You niggas hatin now, since my nigga went double
Why you hatin on the nigga in the Hummer wit bubbles?
You niggaz screamin for peace now, the peace has started (please dont kill us!)
Yea right, we won't rest until your click is departed
My niggaz paid killas, nigga, so fuck what you got
Catch your ass at the show and make you drop it like its hot (drop, drop it like its hot)
Did you check the Forbes? My nigga worth $400 mil
Lay low for 20 years and souljas still gonna kill
You niggaz claim that you real, you ain't nuttin but punks
I'm a soulja, you a stunna, and nigga its war

[Chorus x2]

(Krazy A.K.A Doc Holiday talking)
Whats up with you motha fuckas, huh?
Niggas tried to motha fuckin squash the shit,
but ya'll bitch ass niggas wouldn't motha fuckin listen
Like motha fuckin hoes ya'll niggas gonna shoo shoo and shit
Now, I got a big question for you mother fuckers...
Is your mother fuckin insurance paid up? huh?
Cuz a nigga ain't gonna deal wit ya
unless somebody gonna collect, you know what I'm sayin?
Ya'll want an all-out street war?
We dont' give a motha fuck nigga, we trained mothafuckin warriors nigga
All black motha fuckin niggas was born for combat,
lil bitch ass niggas, ya'll aint ready for war
Nigga we millionaires, billionaires...
ya'll niggas beggin the mother fuckin record company for ya'll share
We dont give a motha fuck...We got Glock's, AK's, we tote automatics..
Nigga we run the block, we start static
This world is ours nigga,
we got kids with bomb's on em and shit nigga, like in Japan nigga
This world is ours nigga! Ya'll little boys better stay on the porch nigga!
[Fades Out]