Ya Bitch You Testo

Testo Ya Bitch You

Let's Go Get Em Records.
Real head hunters ain't afraid to say nothing.
Wild Boys on the track, Big Ant and Batman, 2000 Millennium

[Chorus:] Ya Bitch You !! How you gon front on me,
( bitch nigga, bitch nigga)
Ya Bitch You !! You know it ain't safe in the streets
( bitch nigga, bitch nigga)
Ya Bitch You !! How you gon run from the heat
(bitch nigga, bitch nigga)
Ya Bitch You !! Ya Bitch You !!

[Verse 1:]
You gotta get it how you live on these streets, or ya fucked
50 rounds spit out A chopper to kill a couple
Fuck a scuffle, cause only the weak live neat
Da Wild Boyz (wild boys) run the streets and we killin off the beef
All ya heard was blocka (blocka), now I'm smokin a ???
Channel four made that nigga out a muthafuckin star
Bullet holes in his car, and every shot was meant to wet him
And in my head, all I heard was Let's Go Get Em
It's all beef , they don't want me back on the streets
Cause I know who got the money, and where them niggas sleep
Where they creep, where the heat ?
You gon remember me
Sonny Redd, S.R. nigga lockin down the streets

[repeat chorus]
[Verse 2:]
You know it's hard comin up in a click and shit
Cause when you get rich, other niggas start to bitch
About shit aint fair no more, this nigga don't care no more
'Man how you gon fuck my girl?' Bitch you sound like a ho
Ain't shit 'pose to come 'tween us, not no bitch,ho
Not the money, or the muthafuckin dope
Either we thick like grits, or I'm seein a ghost
Nigga you know how it go : don't brag, don't boast
Cause ho's get you caught up, and ho's get you killed
And I ain't gon let no fuckin ho destroy the shit that I done built
And ho's turn to snitches, Snitches turn to bitches
Amongst real niggas in the pin when they ship in

[repeat chorus]