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Testo Gangsta Pat Freestyle

Dolla, Dolla

I'm from the land of the lost, where the cost just to live is high enough to go get these bitch niggas killed
I'm high enough to go 'head and shit on 'em, on a ride enough to show you how niggas don't go 'cause I'm strapped
Ride through the Sac', know I got .40 and know I got MAC
One in my lap, I got one on the seat, fuck niggas know that it ain't out of reach
Got your crew with me, bool with me, they don't know what to do with me
Know my lungs is polluted, shootin' what's movin', uh
Crime scene bandit, I'm high strung, sippin' a dirty Fanta
On your block, someone you just can't handle
Pimpin' bitches on the daily, pullin' up on her like
"Baby, I don't wanna hear you mouth, but would you pay me in the-"
Back of the room, know I ain't chasin' no bitch, only run after the sack
Chopper's a broom, sweepin' up all of the streets, all of you pussies, get back
What do you know, Dolla, he came with the heat, just like he said he would do
Stackin' up dough, fuck everybody you know, hit every singer that's lit, I'm slidin'
Swervin' through the streets and I'm ridin' on a pussy
Thinkin' that he got the only heat up in the world
Chasin' after diamonds and pearls, I'll probably end up fuckin' your girl
It's Dolla