I Really Am Houdini, Though Testo

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Testo I Really Am Houdini, Though

Yeah, yeah
All the time
Yeah, yeah
All the time, uh
Stop fuckin' playin'
I'll punch you niggas up
Know the vibes
Yeah, so
So, so
All the time
Ayy, so what, so what
Ayy, ayy, ayy, woah

Walked in the spot, hoes like;
"Girl, here comes trouble, them niggas be buggin'"
They know that we thuggin', them strippers in stages
When we in them sections, they see the storm comin'
There's money on the line
I remember days, sellin' dummies for a dime
Whether broke or I'm rich, got a honey on the line
Tell the judge "Suck a dick", I ain't payin' him a dime, but
Please don't let me get started in this party
Please don't let me make my way to the lot
Preston trunk bucket, it stench up the carpet
Duckin' or runnin', bitch, you gettin' shot
I don’t play poker, but I know you bluffin'
We stomp you until your head turn into stuffin'
See that she bad and know that I'm fuckin'
You can get killed over makin' assumptions
'Batic with the
Acrobatic with the
Said I'm acrobatic with the
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

If it's [?] pussy, know we pullin' up like calisthenics (Calisthenics)
If he ever violate, I guarantee he gon' regret it (Guarantee he gon' regret it)
I remember when they brought me, they said that I would fail (Said that I would fail)
Said the dope would kill her, nigga ordered I would be in jail (And I held it down)
But hate is a bitch, I done ran it up, I done did my numbers (My fuckin' numbers)
Out of state every week, out of country every summer (Yeah, there, everywhere)
If they don't see me, then they hear me comin' like some fuckin' thunder (Like some fuckin' thunder)
The way that your bitch keep on suckin' dick, swear she need a muzzle (Watch the fuckin' teeth)

Tell the bitch, holler